Our Vision 

To support and strengthen youths to reach their unique and personal g​oals in order to have a brighter future. 

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The Morgan Bay Youth Village is a independent living  housing program for young adults ages 18-21, operated by the Morgan Bay Healthcare Providers, LLC. Our Independent living program provides community based apartment living in various locations in Forest Park, GA.  Guidance, training and encouragement are given in areas that are key for successful adulthood including educational planning, career development, establishing and maintaining permanent housing, managing healthcare and finances. With the goal of helping them to find and maintain permanent housing, employment and to live independently with confidence.

Goal Driven Program:

At Morgan Bay Youth Village we will teach youths daily living skills that includes menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, responsible house cleaning, food storage, home management, resume writing and budget planning.  On-site financial management workshops, partnership job training , GED classes and help to obtain a drivers licence.


Where is Morgan Bay Youth Village? 

Located in Clayton County, GA. in the city of Forest Park which is a small welcoming community. Our location is within walking distance to the major bus-line. The nearby community offers superb resources for young adults including colleges, a mall, supermarkets and a nearby hospital. 

Meet Our Program Staff 

Lavern Mclendon-MBA

Executive Director

Lavern holds a BS in Psychology and a MBA in Business Administration. She has over 25 years of tax and accounting experience and over 15 years managerial experience managing staff training and development. Lavern’s love for young people and her gift of wanting to serve others is why she has decided to start this independent living program. 

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Tristrem Mclendon-M.Ed

Life Coach

Tristrem has extensive experience working with youth in the public-school system. Tristrem has a Master’s Degree in Education (Special Education) and a BA in Business administration. He will oversee the group home program and will ensure that all staff and program participants adhere to the state and ILP guidelines and rules.

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Eunice Brown-Flanigan-M.Ed

Educational/Vocational Coordinator

Eunice has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Special Education. She has over ten years working experience in the public-school system and will work closely with the youths for the duration of their residency at Morgan Bay.  

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